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Inspired Vision is a webpage on photographs snapped by a hobbyist photographer, who began his journey into the world of lenses and perspectives a couple of years back.

The photos in this page are primarily shot with Canon Rebel 6D, 60D andT3i and a few point- and-shoots.

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Untitled photo

I am Mohanram Sathyanarayanan, an engineer by profession and a hobbyist photographer from Chennai, currently in San Diego, California. Photography has always interested me but I never felt so passionate towards the art until I got my 1st point and shoot, the Canon Elph 300HS. Inspired by great landscape photographers and few of my friends, I took photography as a serious hobby. The best moment was when I got my 1st DSLR and a couple of lenses. It totally changed my perspective on photography and has helped me try a lot of new things that would have never been possible with a point and shoot.

Please feel free to share, comment on my pages and provide any tips and advice that would help me move forward on the learning curve that lies ahead.

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”- Matt Hardy

Note: All photos on this website are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved. No reproduction of any kind is permitted without prior consent from the Author/ Photographer. All photos are downsized and watermarked for copyright reasons. The prints will be in original high resolution (most of them around 16-18mp) and free from any watermarks.

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